Transport Service: From/To Faro or Sevilla

We can collect you from the airport or station and bring you to the schools or to your accommodation. We can also take you back once your course is finished.

1 or 2 students 50

Seville airport is about one hour from Huelva and hour and a half from Ayamonte. Faro airport, in Portugal, is just 40 minutes away from Ayamonte and 90 minutes from Huelva. These are the nearest airports to our schools. We can make the arrangements to collect you from other airports or stations.

Leisure Activities and other Services



Welcome and farewell parties: Here you can meet the teachers and other students. Parties and having fun play an important part in Andalusian culture.

Culture: Cinema, theatre, concerts,… Escuela Atenea has all the current information about cultural activities you can enjoy during your stay in Escuela Atenea.

Excursions: Guided trips around Ayamonte or Huelva. You can visit the “Columbus Territories” where Christopher Columbus started his journey to “discover” the New World. A replica of the Carabelas (Columbus’ ships) can be seen in La Rábida, just a few kms from Huelva. Other options are to spend the day on the beaches of Huelva, or to visit Doñana National Park, the Aracena Mountains with the “Grotto of Maravillas”, Seville, Cádiz, the Portuguese Algarve and many other beautiful and interesting places.

Sports and open air activities: Both in Huelva and in Ayamonte there are many sports centres where you can swim, exercise and play football, basketball and tennis. If you prefer open air activities there are plenty of opportunities to play golf and go horse riding and of course, our beautiful sandy beaches provide all the water for sports and plenty of boat trips.

Library: Escuela Atenea offers a small library where you will find Spanish grammar books, dictionaries and literary works, both classic and modern.

Computers: Our students have free Internet access.

Teachers: Your teachers are available to discuss both problems with your learning and any other issues such as your accommodation, trips, etc.

Certificate: At the end of the course each student receives an attendance diploma describing the content and level of the Spanish course and the time spent studying at Escuela Atenea.