Comments of our Spanish students

Sean Hogan (Ireland)

“The school set up was excellent. The length of the classes and the size of the class was suited perfectly for maximizing learning. The Spanish immersion continues outside of class as the staff and people involved make every effort to help you experience every aspect of Spanish culture and life.” “The teachers were excellent, I learnt more Spanish in my two weeks here than I did during a year of university.”

Amy Gianfrancesco (England)

“The teachers are absolutely fantastic, they go far beyond their roles as tutors and, with my experience, they quickly became friends” “ My family were perfect the couldn't do enough for me. I felt a part of the family when I lived with them” “El tiempo vuela cuando uno se divierte”

Emily Jelly (England)

“Todos los días estaban muy divertidos y graciosos mientras que aprendía mucho y estudiaba.”

Brian Cownden (England)

“Ayamonte is a very pretty town with many interesting things to see and do.” “I felt the teaching was very good.”

Siegfried Polt (Austria)

“The School has a very good organization, room, light, fresh air and my teacher is very patient, very interesting in anwering any question, explains complicate things very simple. Ayamonte is a lovely city.”

Jana Schalk (Deutschland)

“Die Schule hat alles was sie braucht und ist außerdem sehr hübch”“Da die Lehrer recht jung sind haben sie einen sehr, sehr guten Kontakt zu den Schülern. Die Methoden waren sehr abwechslungsreich”

Olivia Perry (England)

“Ayamonte is a beautiful place where the people are friendly and easy to approach…it felt very safe even walking home when it's dark” “The school is easy to access. It's in the centre of town where there are lovely cafes to socialise with teachers and new friends”

Victoria Clark (England)

“I have taken the 1-1 course and had 2 teachers on alternative days. Teachers are well prepared and have tailored the course to meet my needs in a relaxed but focused manner. I have enjoyed the course and my Spanish has improved” “Huelva: Busy without being overcrowded. Feels safe to walk through. Many pleasant plazas and interesting buildings. Close to beautiful beaches and National parks. Something for everyone”

Kjell Haakonsen (Norway)

“The teachers are devoted to their job (aim) and to the individual students as well. the learning method is good (I have experience a few!!) and suit me well.” Huelva: “It seems to me a quiet place. But because of the cold season I have not used the beaches near, but I have been and must be fantastic when the weather is right. I found public transportation well organized”

John & Maria Young (British)

“We liked the friendly, family feeling of the school and the high standard of teaching” “Huelva: With more than 30 kms of wide sandy beaches, excellent food and a true Spanish atmosphere, is well worth visiting”

Will Freeman (Usa)

“Huelva is a great city to learn Spanish in. It's a bit off the tourist track, so it's quite authentic, and few people speak English!! It's very close to Sevilla, the beach,… Huelva itself has a bit to offer: lots of history and a quaint downtown”. “The staff are great, going outside of teaching duties to help us: day trip, planning, city orientation, etc. They also speak English very well which makes it easy when the going gets rough”. Accommodation: “Great!! very close to the city center, confortable and clean! My host was a great guy as well…”

Antony Lincoln (England)

“Ayamonte es una ciudad muy bonita y tranquila, es mi tercera vez aquí y regresaré en el futuro.”“Me gustó mucho la escuela, está ubicada en un buen sitio, las salas están llenas de luz.”

Lucinda Morrison (Scotland)

“Our teachers used every method available: audio, visual + verbal. This made sure there was no chance of becoming bored.” “I found our teachers to be most helpful with any problems we has encountered in our every day lives in Spain. They have shown great patience, nothing was too much of a bother. I can highly recommend the academy and the teachers to anyone wishing to learn Spanish and also the Spanish culture.”

Walter Elliott (England)

“Me gusta Huelva, especialmente el hecho que nada es escrito en Inglés. Para mí hay demasiado tráfico, pero yo vivo en una ciudad pequeña. La proximidad de las playas es un bonus”

Nick Beavan (England)

“Fantastic little school overlooking Ayamonte's central square. Welcoming atmosphere around the school.” “Ayamonte is a beautiful town full of friendly people who quickly begin to notice your face. I made many friends on my stay and will be returning as soon as possible.”

Peter Brown (England)

“I am a unique case, being much older the normal students and slower to take in. This did not concern the teachers and I was taught very well. It is now my job to improve what I have learnt”

Vibeke & Poul Snorgaard (Denmark)

“Compentent, relaxed atmosphere, we have been very pleased with the classes” “Good value for money”

Graeme Clark (England)

“My wife and I have shared a very modern apartment, clean and well appointed and in a very nice part of town near the bullring. The owner of the apartment was very pleasant and helpful” “Huelva is a nice city, neither to big nor to small. It has everything you could want and nothing is very far away. After your lessons, you can be down on the biggest and most beautiful beaches within 20 minutes or sightseeing in Seville in not much more than an hour. Highly recommended”

Jeff Grady (United States)

“I think the school is very good. The programs can be personalized to meet your goals, given the time you have and your level of understanding. This is a big advantage. And it is small, and therefore very friendly.” Huelva:“It's a friendly and 'real' Spanish city, not a 'tourist' city (like Seville). Lots of shops, small squares and parks. Fun to walk and explore”

Lian Baremans (Holland)

“¡Me gusta mucho! La gente es muy agradable y la ciudad es muy bonita.”

Graham Henderson (England)

“Would definetely recommend this school. In 12 weeks, 4 hours a day, I now have a good grasp of the language and how it works” Huelva: “Small friendly city. Easy to circumnavigate. Hardly anyone speaks English! Good base for visits to beaches, Sevilla, Portugal, mountains,etc. (Cheap too!)”

Ken Spittal (Scotland)

“School is good and kind to me. Helpful with all requests. Found a good hotel near, all facilities”

Gabriela de Castro (Brasil)

“Huelva es una ciudad buena para vivir. Muy tranquila y bela y las personas son muy simpáticas” “La escuela tiene una óptima estructura y está bien localizada”

Detlef Hein (Germany)

“Huelva es una ciudad bonita. La playa está a 10 minutos. La gente es muy simpática y por la noche hay mucha fiesta” “La escuela está muy bien. Las clases están limpias, es fácil encontrar aparcamiento cerca de la escuela”

John Worley (England)

“The school is in a beautiful and central location in the heart of Ayamonte. I did an intensive course of three hours each day for two weeks and I have learnt the basics of Spanish grammar. The lessons were relaxed and fun and I will continue the next time I am in Ayamonte.”

Hans-Joachim Dreyer (Germany)

“El método es variado y muy bueno. El profesor tiene mucho ingenio y buenas ideas que hace la clase entretenida” “yo voy a volver para continuar estudiando español”

Jesse Major (England)

“A really great school, very clean with nice bright classrooms overlooking a lovely square lined with palm trees. Well situated in the centre of the town. I really enjoyed my 3 weeks. I highly recommend it. “Ayamonte is a great place to come and learn Spanish, an old fishing town but with sufficient nightlife and good proximity to bigger cities.”

Neil Paul (England)

“The teachers are young and entusiastic. They have to be patient. They go at the speed of the student”

Darius Silinskis (Lituania) (Professional basketball player -Ciudad de Huelva 2007-2008, now in Nevezis Kedainiai -Lituania)

“La gente de Huelva es muy simpática y servicial” “Los profesores son agradables y las clases son divertidas y podemos escuchar canciones, ver vídeos, etc.”

Carla Carreto (Portugal)

“Ayamonte es una ciudad bonita y su encanto está en la gente, el río y en el mar” “La familia que me ha acogido ha sido muy buena, me sentí como en mi casa” “La escuela está en una bonita plaza, tiene mucha luz y es muy acogedora.”

Stewart Blake (England)

“The location of the school is perfect being in the centre of town, close to Mazagón, the classroom is large and light and fully equiped. The waiting area is always spotless and there are refreshments avaliable” “My teacher tailors each class to my own indvidual needs, fluent in both English and Spanish he is easy to understand. Very approachable, of good humor and we have a very good working relationship”