Spanish Standard Course

This consists of 20 weekly lessons of 50 minutes each, usually in the mornings, although in the high season some lessons may be given in the afternoons. Courses start on every other Monday all the year round. Students with some command in Spanish could start every Monday.

Number of Weeks Prices (€)
1 200
2 375
3 550
4 725
Additional Week 175

Language Mood offers Standard Courses even if there is only one student in the class, in this case we reduce the number of daily classes from 4 to 2 (10 weekly lessons). We reduce the daily lessons from 4 to 3 (15 weekly lesons) if there are 2 or 3 students in the class.

Spanish course available in:

  • escuela español Huelva
  • escuela español Sevilla
  • escuela español Punta Umbría
  • escuela español Ayamonte
  • escuela español Aracena