Language Mood Punta Umbría

Punta Umbria is a coastal town with wonderful beaches of fine golden sand. This coastal town has about 15,000 inhabitants in the off-peak season, a figure that amounts to more than 150,000 inhabitants during the peak season. It is located just 20 km from the provincial capital (Huelva) and it is perfectly connected to a daily bus service.

Its mild temperatures during the off-peak season attracts visitors from other countries who come to rest, to enjoy nature and to taste its varied gastronomy during the winter months. The typical gastronomy of the area includes incredible fresh fish, seafood, as well as Iberian products from Huelva´s mountain range.

In the vicinity, a visitor can benefit from a wide range of leisure activities, such as The Enebrales Nature Park and the Marisma del Odiel Marsh Lands. In addition, it also has horse riding routes through the Marshes, a recreational fishing area called “Salinas del Astur”, as well as a wide range of sports that varies depending on the season.

Punta Umbria also offers cultural attractions.  The student can visit the Museum of the English, and its famous Almenara tower.

Our Spanish courses in Punta Umbría are taught in collaboration with the language school Spanglish, a center of recognized prestige in the teaching of languages ​​in Punta Umbría. The center has extensive facilities, accessible car parking and parking for bicycles.

Melissa Fernández. Directora escuela de español en Punta Umbría